Are you struggling with any of the following:

Scaling your Business 

Creating Momentum in your business

Marketing your business to increase your monthly income

Sell MORE Products / Services

Gaining Clarity on the Actions you need to take

Making your Goals a REALITY

Have someone to hold you Accountable

Marketing and Sales Templates to Plug and Play to generate results immediately

WE HAVE THE SOLUTION. Here’s what you get as a member

  • YOU WILL LEARN: Brand Strategy

    Research your business sector Protect your IP (Intellectual Property) Choosing your Business Budgets Growth + ROI Mission and Vision Promotional Assets What is Branding Brand Personality/Value/Colours 4 p's of Marketing Strategy v Plan Marketing Tactics Products + Services PESTLE + SWAT

  • YOU WILL LEARN: How to Scale your Business

    How to sell more in your business. How to Market your business increase your monthly income. Easily Sell MORE Products / Services. Gain Clarity on the Actions you need to take. Make your your Goals a REALITY. Have someone to hold you Accountable.

  • YOU WILL LEARN: Social Media Marketing and Analytics

    Are you using Social Media to your advantage? We work with you to build a Social Media structure that continues a cycle of growth and improvement. Measure your Social Media Campaigns. Google Analytic = Increase in Users Website = Website Views CRM = How many went out Sales Conversion = How many packages sold


  • Make an additional £2-£4K per month as an extra revenue stream.

  • Help others become successful in their businesses.

  • Build credibility to your already amazing business.


Utilise our Support to Grow or take your business to the next level! We work WITH you to implement the relevant Structures for Business Success! Make an additional £2-£4K per month as an extra revenue stream.

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Pricing options

Two payment options £50 per Month or pay in FULL and save £50!!

Doing this on your own isn’t easy...

Meet The Team

MEET THE TEAM: SW Hair Training Academy founded by Roma Stephanie - Our calling has always been for business and helping others. Being in this business for over 20 years, we have always been passionate about entrepreneurship and business, always looking at ways we can solve problems, help people AND make money. We started our voyage to success over 20 years ago in the Hair Extensions sector. Even then we knew that if we could get our foot on a ladder in a world where the market has been saturated with Hair Extensions Businesses, we would have a better chance at ‘making it’. Roma decided to study Business Management in University, more because this would add value to the business. Roma had a passion for business so it kind of made sense. Roma soon graduated, but then what? Roma grew a team and grew the business which now generates multiple 6 figures and have scaled the business to a point where we can reach even more people through live events and digital courses, as well as keeping a very high touch element of mentoring & coaching. If you are looking for a Mentor/Team who has started from the bottom and worked their way to success with integrity, grit and bravery, you have found them and we look forward to getting to know a bit more about you and do what we're here to do, help YOU create success, whatever that means to you!

  • Melissa  Price

    Melissa Price

    Head Trainer

  • Roma  Stephanie

    Roma Stephanie


  • Beth Louise

    Beth Louise

    Social Media Marketing Manager & Business Support


“SW Hair Training Academy" is a stand out success in the Business Support Sector. Their own fantastic journey of success and scaling rapidly past 5-figure weeks, combined with the powerful results they create with clients are testament to both their commitment to their mission, and are awesome leaders. ~ Holly, Swansea, Wales, BSA Member.


“I wasn’t expecting to hit £5k in my first 3 months of business as my goal was to get a solid structure but the fact that I did, and am helping some incredible women now move forward with confidence and passion but in total alignment to me is incredible. I now have a system in place that I can build on moving forward in my business.” ~ Amanda Givens, Cobham Surrey. Business Owner.


Amazing Training program. Aftercare I'v had has been 5 star. Always available when needed. ~ Katie Louise at Katie Louise Hair Salon, Northampton.


  • Who is this membership for?

    This membership is for service based business's needing a simple strategy to take their business to the next level. Whether your next goal is to get your first client. Grow to 5 figure months or scale to 6 figures, there will be something for you.

  • I’m worried I won’t use it like other memberships I have been in?

    We recognise memberships can be hard to keep up and it is our mission to make this space as valuable as possible for you so it is your go to place for business support. Weekly 1to1 zoom calls will be holding you accountable to assist your with progress.

  • When do payments go out?

    The first payment will go out when you sign up then every month thereafter!

  • Tell me more about the content we get?

    The content will be a mix of step by step strategies and monthly themes. It will all be stored in the member area which will act like a business library for you to dip in to! At the beginning of every month you will receive a Business Kit and extra trainings will be added as and when needed. It will be very much lead by the members so I provide what is actually wanted and needed.

Pricing options

Explain how different pricing options might be valuable to different segments of your audience.

Our Brand Values

MISSION: Our mission is to provide students with a high quality educational experience that is TRANSFORMATIVE, INNOVATIVE, and helps to develop and IMPROVE SKILLS. VISION: To provide high quality affordable education that empowers students to be confident in their skills and financially independent so they can expand or open their own business. BRAND VALUES: Our brand values are Caring for our Customers. We do not just offer Training and Education, We offer full SUPPORT. At SW Hair Training Academy, our goal is that students feel they are not learning alone. We stand for ‘An Excellent and Supportive learning Experience’. We SUPPORT our students by helping them build their Business or Creative skills and teaching them how to grow their business after their training with us. We do this by ensuring our students have everything they need to be successful in their business, These are our values and why we stand out from other Training Academy’s. SUPPORT in both Education and Business Growth. We help students become highly skilled and financially independent. LEADERSHIP: Leading by example INTEGRITY: Our courses are full of quality information INCLUSIVITY: Providing affordable education so everyone can learn. COMMITMENT TO EDUCATION: Quality educational learning experience CELEBRATING SUCCESS: Opportunities don't happen, we create them. QUALITY EDUCATION: Created by experts in the field. INNOVATIVE: Constantly growing and improving BUILDING BUSINESSES: Creating independent entrepreneurs. TRANSFORMATIVE: Become the best we can be.